Sound Massage

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Sound Massage with Singing Bowls has been used since ancient times in India. Most of us are “out of tune” with our complex physical and subtle bodies. People suffer physical pains and aches such as headaches and migraines, lack of energy, joint pains, digestive problems, organ dysfunction, sciatica, back problems etc or mental and emotional pain like low self-esteem, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, fears and worries.


Sound massage helps in all areas of our Being:

  • Deep muscle relaxation
  • Mental clarity
  • Alleviating physical pain, e.g. joints, sciatica, digestive, headache and migraines, damaged discs, backache, abdomen, bad circulation
  • The nervous system is saturated with positive energy through the massage and this has a beneficial knock-on-effect on all the other systems (e.g. digestive, circulatory, glandular, lymphatic, cardio-vascular); all body systems are connected with each other.
  • Increasing the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues and organs
  • Relieving of tension and blockages
  • Releasing of toxins from the body
  • Letting go of present or past negative patterns, e.g. of past relationships or addictions
  • Increasing energy and strength to help in our daily life
  • Releasing of mental and emotional pains: low self-esteem, worries, fears, anxiety and depression
  • Increasing self-confidence, creative and productive potential
  • Leaving a positive feeling for oneself and others
  • Achieving more balance and harmony in your life
  • Experience of bliss.

The name “singing bowl” almost undervalues its massive potential. The bowls have specific vibrations which hit our energy bodies – this causes a massive effect on the human being.

Seven metals are corresponding to 7 planets, e.g. gold-sun, silver-moon, copper-venus…..In addition to these 7 metals there are 5 further metals carefully chosen to help with:

  • energy increase and productive potential
  • correct functioning of the digestive system
  • strengthening the lungs
  • combating joint inflammation
  • the release of tensions

★Important Notice★

MY CANCELLATION POLICY ~ 24hr notice required or FULL PAYMENT if cancelled on day of session!

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