About Doretta

About Doretta

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My Journey so far…

I was introduced to yoga about 25 years ago in South Africa at my local gym where I attended my first yoga class. I was struck most of all by the variety of the age groups and how gracefully and majestically everyone move particularly the little elderly grey haired couple at the back (who turned out to be in their late sixties) I have never looked back since.

I am a very active person who loves sports, but found something was missing. I was getting all the physical benefits but not the mental release. Through yoga I found a balance and an internal stillness that no other form of exercise could give me – allowing me to relax and focus simultaneously; learning to honour and listen to my body. This made me realise that yoga is a way of life – a state of being and from then on, I wanted to help other people share this experience with me.

I have studied in Austria, India, South Africa, New York and London and have qualified in the Sivananda style of yoga. I constantly attend training workshops to obtain and incorporate new, fresh and exciting aspects into the way I teach.  This I believe helps me with both my own personal practice (Sadana) and to inspire both myself and my dedicated students in each class I teach in South London – Wimbledon, South Wimbledon and Colliers Wood.

My Influences 
I draw on the power of nature, positivity and unique individualistic styles of great Yoga guru’s

My Signature move – HEADSTAND 
It’s fun to view the world upside down!

My Yoga Superpowers?
Balance in life, like in body, is not a given – we have to work for it!
Meditation – finding a calm stillness from within!

Why Yoga?
It balances me!

If Yoga did not exist…
I would be true to any form of Martial Arts

Most challenging pose/Asana?
The Scorpion – Vrschikasana

Musical likes…
Mostly almost anything, as I believe that music is the root to every emotion

Lazy days wondering round London, getting lost and discovering new places!

I get a kick out of…
Fairy lights, the smell of freshly cut grass, beach sand between my toes and old photographs

Pet hates
Rude people, people with constant gripes, negativity and cruelty to animals

Latest vacation book
The Gargoyles by Andrew Davidson

I am known for…
My crazy~fun dress~up Halloween yoga classes!

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